Rates and Regulations

Our rates are regulated to ensure that both the seller, the buyer, and our marketplace can benefit from a transaction without any unfair practices. The following is the breakdown of the rates and regulations regarding the selling of products on Creative Deviser.

When selling on the Creative Deviser marketplace, the total price for a product is calculated in the following parts:

  •   Item price

  •   Marketplace fee

As a seller, you will earn the item price while the marketplace fee is the earning of Creative Deviser. The marketplace fee is variable based on your lifetime sales with Creative Deviser. Furthermore, the item price will vary depending upon the licensing option selected by the buyer during purchase.

So for example, as a standard first time seller, for an item which sells for $100.

Product sold for $100
Marketplace Fee - $20
Item Price - $80

Your earnings will be 50% of the item price which is $40.00

As a seller with lifetime sales of over 1000 products, for the same sale your earnings will be 70% - 80% of the item price which is $56.00 - $64.00

For further information regarding our rates and regulation please read through our services terms and conditions.